1- My personal information

1.1-Change my information details

Can I change my home network ?

  • NO
  • You can't change this information yourself, in this case, please contact the Sales Department

Can I change my nº GOC ?

  • NO
  • You can't change this information yourself, in this case, please contact the Sales Department

Can I change the name of my dealership?

  • YES
  • To the extent that any business can evolve, its name may change.
  • How to do it: go to the page "My Account" and click "edit"

Can I change my address?

  • YES
  • If your dealership moves to new premises, it is essential to inform GIA your new address so you do not experience delays in delivery
  • How to do it: go to the page "My Account" and click "edit"

Can I change my SIRET (Company Registration Number) ?

  • NO
  • Your SIRET doesn't change,it is legally bound to your dealership.
  • If, however, it is necessary to change it, please contact our sales department who will deal with this issue.

Can I change my name, my position, my telephone number?

  • YES
  • The identifier is primarily linked to your dealership. Also, if the person in charge of supply changes, GIA must be informed in order to facilitate the trade.
  • How to do it: go to the page "My Account" and click "edit"

Change my email address?

  • NO
  • Your email address is your identifier
  • Aussi elle ne peut être modifié par vous Also, it can't be change by yourself
  • If you still want to change it, please contact our Sales Department

Can I change my password?

  • YES
  • The password that you choose when you register on the professional website GIA can be changed regularly.
  • How to do it: go to the page "My Account" and click "edit"

1.2- should you forget information


  • A tool located on the website portal allows, by entering your identifier, to receive your password on your email account.


  • You must contact the Sales Department
  • They will ask you for information about your identity to ensure the security of your personal information
  • Once you are identified the Sales Department will send you an email with your identifier and password.

1.3- What does GIA do with the information I provided?

Regarding identification

  • Items that you filled during registration allow GIA to know your dealership, to verify your membership in the manufacturer's network, but also to facilitate trade relations.

Regarding orders

  • The information that you provide to GIA when your order is only used for processing and delivery.


  • GIA may need to contact you on its own initiative, on matters related to trade relations involved.
  • When you register, you have chosen or not to subscribe to the newsletter reserved to your network. You can decide at any time to change your mind by changing this option.
  • How to do it: go to the page "My Account" and click "edit"
  • GIA, very occasionally, will use your email address to inform you of news and / or promotions on its products.

2- Products research

2.1-How to search for products ?

You have the reference of the product you are looking for

  • Choose "Yes" and enter it in the box provided for this purpose.

You don't have the reference of the product you are looking for

  • The product search page allows you to select the characteristics of the vehicle you wish to equip. Given the high-tech products, the criteria must be filled with as much precision as possible, so that you can find quickly the product that interests you:

Product Type : It allows the search engine to define the category of the accessories for which you wish to search for products

Vehicle Range: It allows the search engine to define the general organization of the interior of the vehicle for which you search for products

Vehicle model : It allows the search engine to preselect products based on the name of the vehicle

Date of first commissioning : this choice allows to determine the most suitable products for your vehicle, the interior could vary depending on the version

Type of vehicle: depending on the model, there may be several configurations that influence strongly the interior of the vehicle, so this criterion can significantly narrow your product search

Number of doors: as the previous criterion, some configurations affect the products. The selection of the criterion makes it possible not to make a mistake in the choice of products to equip the vehicle.

Equipping the front seats: this criterion is only useful in the search for some products, such as covers. It allows you to select only those products for the part of the passenger compartment you wish to equip

Equipping the rear seats: this criterion is only useful in the search for some products, such as covers. It allows you to select only those products for the part of the passenger compartment you wish to equip

Side Airbags : If the vehicle you want to equip has Side airbags, it is necessary to indicate it in order to find products specifically designed for this type of seat. The search engine always request a confirmation of your choice so that you have in mind that the safety of the people using the vehicle is at stake

Right-hand drive : if the vehicle you want to equip has a right side steeringwheel, this option allows you to specify it,so that only products suitable for this specific feature will display

If you encounter any problem in your research, you can contact the Sales Department

2.2- I can't find any products for the vehicle I want to equip

There are several possibilities:

You have omitted or wrongly selected one or more key criteria, please check and correct so that your research can be led

You have properly specified the criteria, in this case, it is possible that:

  • The vehicle might be very recent and GIA does not offer products for the vehicle you want to equip yet, to be sure, you can contact the Sales Department
  • The vehicle might be old and GIA does no longer offer suitable products in a systematic manner, on its website, but GIA can find a solution for your request, do not hesitate to contact the Sales Department

3- The products offered by G.I.A.


Why are the covers interesting?

  • The protection of the original seats, which can suffer from wear, tasks which are sometimes indelible or burns, but also UV exposure which tend to discolor the most exposed parts of seats
  • The preservation of the freshness inside your vehicle, which facilitates a lot the resale
  • The research of a most appropriate interior according to the tastes of drivers
  • The willingness to customize its interior, changing the ambience

Which adaptability of the covers for the vehicles?

  • There are many models of vehicles with even more numerous interior versions;
  • GIA offers perfectly adapted products, thanks to a team of specialists, in full collaboration with leading manufacturers;
  • GIA takes into account the particularities of each interior, especially in terms of safety and comfort, so that its covers fit perfectly the seats on which they are installed, for a perfect aesthetic, avoiding the shortcomings of the standard covers (stretches, bends, etc.)

For more information, GIA invites you to check thesection of Quality - Security - Installation

Do the covers adapt to vehicles with side airbag?

  • GIA designs covers for conventional seats, but also develops models specially adapted for seats with side airbag
  • These covers are developed according to a specific technology
  • They are subject to extensive technical tests to ensure the best security for your customers
  • For more information, GIA invites you to check the information related to security

Choice of covers

  • GIA offers many cover models
  • Some fabrics are chosen primarily by the manufacturers so that they are in harmony with the entire interior of the vehicles, so your customers might not be able to always find the color or material they desire.
  • ·GIA strives to develop products that best meet the customer demands. Also, for specific requests, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department

Lifespan of covers

  • Covers manufactured by GIA have a lifespan of 03 years under normal conditions of use


  • GIA strives to develop products that are easy to install, so you can optimize your time. For more information on installing the covers, we suggest that you refer to our tips and tricks or to the section Quality - Security - Installation



  • Seat base:neutral colour stretch fabric cover that can be easily installed on the seats and receives, in addition to covering, a medallion or a detachable face
  • Compulsory component of the product: Range Moduleo allows your customers to customize its covers according to their needs and desires, and for each seat base is associated one or more models of detachable faces or medallions necessary for the product to be complete
  • Detachable Face: covering of seat and seatback installed on a seat base by a zipper, fully covering the front part of the cover, in order to manage on the same seat base a variety of colour fabrics and / or patterns
  • Medallion : covering of seat and seatback installed on a seat base by Velcro, covering the central part of the seat and the seatback
  • Seat accessory: they are accessories that can be placed under the product components (face or medallion), to improve the comfort of the vehicle occupants

3.1-Standards of quality and safety

GIA pays great attention to the quality of its products

Our company routinely tests its covers with the UTAF, in order to ensure their behavior in case of incidents. For more information, please refer to the section Quality - Safety - Installation.

Other products we distribute are selected from manufacturers adhering to strict quality standards.

4-Order online

4.1-Online products

The products listed on GIA's website are not all accessible for orders under the same conditions.

I can't order a product

Products for which the possibility of order is not activated are those listed in the manufacturer's catalog, they can only be ordered through the central purchasing network you belong to.

4.2- Order modification

You want to modify a non-validated command

  • You can change your mind and edit the information yourself:
  • Products, deleting those that you no longer wish to order in your basket
  • Quantities, by simply changing the amount in your basket

You want to modify a confirmed order

  • The modification of a confirmed order is not possible on the website because when confirmed, it is sent to the logistics services for its preparation. Please contact the Sales Department

4.3-Order cancellation

You have not yet confirmed your order

  • You can simply delete all selected items in your basket

You have confirmed your order

  • You can't cancel it yourself, because it has been sent to our logistics services for its preparation, upon confirmation by the user.
  • ·Please contact our Sales Department

4.4- Track my order

You can always track the processing of your order. For this, GIA invites you to refer to your account, where you can see its status:

  • In progress: Your order has been registered by our services and is being prepared
  • Delivered: Your order is in transit with our carrier or has been delivered
  • Cancelled: Your order has been canceled

5-The delivery

5.1-Delivery rates

Price Chart VAT Overseas Territories

in metropolitan France

GIA does not charge you postage if the delivery takes place in metropolitan France.

In Overseas Territories

GIA charges the specific postage

In other countries

GIA charges the specific postage, depending on the country

5.2-Delivery time

Delivery times vary depending on the product,as well as on delivery times announced by the providers used by GIA,

They are usually:

  • 3 working days for France
  • 6-8 working days for overseas territories
  • 5-10 working days for all other destinations

5.3- There is an error in my delivery

A product is missing

I received a product I didn't order

6- Online payment

6.1- Payment by check

This payment method is only available to customers located in metropolitan France

When placing your order, you are invited to:

  • Print your order
  • Attach a check for the gross amount
  • Send everything to GIA, to the following address:

830, rue Charles de Gaulle
F-77100 Mareuil-les-Meaux

Please note, in the case of payment by check, the processing time of your order will take longer, taking into account the time for encashment required by financial institutions.

6.2-Payment by credit card


Payement security is guaranteed by :

  • an electronic certificate, authenticating GIA from its banking operator,
  • encryption of data transmitted to the banking operator
  • speed


The payment by credit card registration is instantaneous, your order is processed immediately

6.3- I wish to have a customer account

GIA wants to offer its regular customers the option of having a customer account

Please contact our Sales Department that will study your request and propose a framework of operation (operating rules, credit limits, and potential discount).

7- Warranty and After-sales Service

Regarding the warranty and the conditions if the After-sales Servica, please check the specific section

After-sales Service