Made in France produces in France custom tailored and universal seat covers, suitable for farming vehicles, tractors, vans, trucks, heavy good vehicles, small vans, industrial vehicles, construction and civil works vehicles.

High quality seat covers

Manufacturer's quality at factory prices

They are custom tailored and therefore fit perfectly. Once installed it is often impossible to see that the seat has been recovered. The upholstery materials used on all our products comply with all the requirements commonly held by vehicle manufacturers.

Their characteristics are greatly superior than those found in products offered by the majority of other companies. Here are some of the most important parameters:

  • ·very high wear resistance
  • ·controlled combustion (according to vehicle maker's standards)
  • ·colours resistant to UV
  • ·machine washable at 30°C

In addition, a great care is taken of the stitching which, in a high-wear professional environment, has to be particularly resistant.

The largest choice of seat cover models on the market

For every vehicle, machine or piece of equipment, we offer a variety of assorted upholstery materials and colours.

'Protection' Range

  • ·Feaux leather (dark or light grey) for an optimal protection against dirt. The induced fabric cleans easily with a sponge.
  • ·Charcoal or blue denim
  • ·Charcoal denim reinforced with feaux leather in the high-wear areas of the seat
  • ·Jacquard

'Comfort' Range

  • ·Velour
  • ·Micro-perforated microfiber (Alcantara type) in grey (dark or light)

Compatibility of our seat covers with the built-in airbags

When the seats are equipped with lateral airbags it is imperative that the seat cover does not prevent the airbag's deployment within the security time parameters defined by the vehicle manufacturer.

Because of the lack of strict French of European regulations, most of the seat covers on the market sold as "compatible with lateral airbags" do not provide, in fact, the optimal level of security.

The extensive experience that we have worked out alongside vehicle manufacturers, confirmed by hundreds of test in various independent testing centres, allows us to offer you a system that guarantees the correct deployment of the airbag within a few milliseconds to assure your safety.

Seat covers quick and easy to install

Being professionals, we understand how precious your time is.

Our seat covers therefore have been designed for a quick and simple installation thanks to the exclusive Easyclip system.